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T&A Survey: Advanced in specialised subsurface research

T&A Survey is an experienced, independent and technologically advanced subsurface research agency, specialized in:
  • Sustainable Geothermal Energy
  • T&A is specialized in research for geothermal energy systems. For geothermal energy project development, please visit T&A Energy.
  • Research & Develoment
  • To obtain the best data, T&A develops geophysical hardware and software, such as the 3D Borehole Radar and the 2D Borehole Radar.
  • Unexploded ordnance, geophysical, archeological and environmental research
  • T&A maps the subsurface and it's constructions and objects three dimensionally, performs historical research, detects and approaches Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), determines the risks of soil contamination and remediates the soil.

Latest news

3D BHR for more efficient tracking of tailings in ponds

An unavoidable by-product in certain mining and drilling operations is the generation of tailings, sometimes referred to as fine fluid tailings (FFT’s). These FFT’s are held in subsurface ponds until the complete reclamation process can be completed. The careful disposal of tailings is arguably the most sensitive environmental issue for any mining or drilling operation, especially in the oil sands. Typically, individual mining and drilling operations have developed strict standards to prevent or minimize any environmental damage.

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