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TISA 2D and TISA 3D Borehole Radar Technology
  TISA 2D Borehole Radar
T&A Survey’s TISA 2D  is  a simple, safe and clear way to receive data about the subsurface. The TISA 2D can be used in various shallow and deep underground applications where surface radar operation is not feasible. What makes TISA unique is it's primary reflection mode, where both antennas are located in a single tool inside the same borehole.

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TISA 2D technology >>

TISA 3D Borehole Radar (prototype)

The patented TISA 3D prototype is a breakthrough technology as it allows, for the first time, radar survey at greater depths with very high accuracy in difficult surroundings.

The TISA 3D  is a geophysical technique for high-resolution 3D mapping of borehole surroundings. The TISA 3D, applied in a single borehole, combines all the advantages of ground penetrating radar tools, all in one tool. It delivers high-resolution data with directional information up to 1 accuracy in angular direction and with a penetration range up to 15 meters.

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