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Seismic data processing services of T&A Survey

Many companies and institutes in the science and technology sector work with seismic data on a daily basis. Typical targets of your seismic investigations include but are not limited to: hydrocarbons, ore bodies, CO2 sequestration, soil strength/faulting and ground water detection. The types of seismic data you use vary from modern to vintage, marine to land, 3D to 2D, pre-stack to post-stack, etc. Whether you have top-of-the-line data or noisy vintage records, seismic processing of these data is the next step to take.

Located strategically in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, T&A Survey independently runs a seismic data processing facility. All seismic processing is done in-house with state-of-the-art hardware and the latest processing technology.

Small, fast and competitive
Our small and efficient team of experienced geophysicists with a background in Research & Development performs the processing. Due to the simple organisational structure of T&A Survey, overhead is small and communication is direct. This makes rapid turnover one of the strong points of T&A Survey, together with very competitive rates. We handle every type of seismic data specified above and our processing capabilities span from conventional 2D CMP processing to 3D prestack depth migration. Reprocessing of vintage data is one of our specialties.

Figure 1: reprocessing

Your contact person for seismic processing is Stefan Carpentier, please don’t hesitate to contact him for further information.

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Seismic data processing services of T&A Survey
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