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TISA 2D Borehole Radar

TISA 2D Borehole Radar (BHR) is the geophysicist’s choice for a simple, safe and clear way to receive data about the subsurface.  

Reflection Mode

What makes TISA 2D unique is its reflection mode of operation where both antennas are located in a single tool inside the same borehole. The transmitted pulses are reflected by a nearby object and detected by the receiver antenna. The depth of the antenna system and the measured pulse two-way travel time defines the 2D position of the detected object.  

Urban Environments
The TISA 2D tool can be used in various shallow and deep underground applications where traditional surface radar cannot penetrate and is beyond their range. Dense urban environments present different challenges than open unobstructed areas where ground penetrating radar (GPR) is most often used. What if the buried object is under a concrete slab or under a building?

TISA 2D BHR has the ability to aid the search and the recovery of such targets. When there is a contrast of electromagnetic properties between the target and its surrounding, it is possible to isolate and precisely observe where the buried object is located.  

Given the working principle of GPR with its advantages and limitations, the most common applications of TISA 2D are listed below. This list is far from complete and any situation where subsurface structures exist with different electromagnetic properties to their surroundings pose a potential opportunity for the use of TISA 2D.  


Data Processing
Collected data is displayed, processed and interpreted using T&A’s property software TISAMap, providing unsurpassed accuracy and clarity of the results.    

Transillumination mode measurements, with transmitting and receiving antennas in two different boreholes, extends the area of application. Please contact our sales team to learn more about this option.

For more information on TISA 2D please don't hesitate to contact us!

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